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RayQueen UV Light Sterilizer Large

RayQueen UV Light Sterilizer Large
CA$ 349.99

Product code:rayqueen-uv-light-sterilizer-large

RayQueen baby bottle sterilizer is a home electronic appliance which consists of a PTC Heater to dry baby bottles and dry-sterilizes baby bottles, tableware, toys, mobile phones, various children’s products and home products.
Brand: RayQueen
Voltage: 110v / 60Hz / Plug Type C
Size: W290mm*H405mm*D430mm
Color: Silver Weight: 4Kg 
Feature: Sterilizing with Ultraviolet 99.9%

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It consists of three courses, and the functions are as follows.

Course 1: UV sterilization
UV lamp is turned on for 10 minutes for sterilization in this course. This function can be used for dry sterilization such as mobile phones, toys, teething tot, etc

Course 2: For drying and sterilizing objects
PTC heater dries the object for 20 minutes and UV lamp is used to sterilize for 10 minutes. This product is used for products that need to be dried and sterilized such as baby bottles, dishes, cups, etc.

Course 3: Twice repeated course 2.
This course is used for objects that take long to dry, such as millet pillows, gauze towels, etc.


Shaped like water drops, the design is beautifully sensible, and it is the largest home UV sterilizer which holds 12 per rack, for a total of 24. Low temperature PTC heater shows outstanding drying effects, and there will be no form changes due to heat. Also, it has obtained the “S mark”, a certification awarded by Korea Testing and Research Institute for products with outstanding sterilizing effects.


  • Size: W290mm * H405mm * D430mm
  • Power consumption: 110V, 60Hz, 90W
  • Safety device: Automatic overheating preventive device, Door On/Off switch
  • Weight: 5 kg
  • Material: ABS(heat-resistant resin)
  • Drying method: PTC Heater-low temperature air drying method(90W)
  • Sterilization method: UV Lamp(6W)
  • Color: Silver


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