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Hoppetta Six Layer Gauze Swaddle and Sleeping Bag

Hoppetta Six Layer Gauze Swaddle and Sleeping Bag
CA$ 96.00

Product code:hoppetta-six-layer-gauze-swaddle-and-sleeping-bag

A convenient item that can be used as a sleepbag or swaddle, as newborn babies can wrap their hands and legs inside. The bottom is easy to attach and detach with the snap button. You can use it as a sleeper until around 3 years old if you remove the snap button at the feet.
The material is softly woven gauze superior in breathability and water absorbency by 6 ply layers fabric.

Champignon (Championeon) is the meaning of 'mushrooms' in French. The colorful mushroom motif is a cute checkered lining and you can use it regardless of boys or girls.


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CA$ 96.00
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Hoppetta Mushrooms Six Layers 3 WAY Bags Sleeping Gowns

During the infancy, the best multifunctional sleepbag. Wrap the newborn's hands and foot to provent coldness. In addition to use as the breathable open-type gown, it's also suitable for newborn to 3 years old, with folded bottom and button design. It can be used as swaddle and sleeping bag. The classic six-layer fabric material is excellent in water absorption and breathability. It is recommended as birth gift to newborns.


100% cotton 

Length about 58 cm, width of about 32 cm

(3 months ~ 3 years old) 

[Country Origin] 

【Washing and Care】

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