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Naomi Ito Six Layer Gauze Sleeping Bag

Naomi Ito Six Layer Gauze Sleeping Bag
CA$ 74.99

Product code:hoppetta-six-layer-gauze-sleeping-bag-7dc6

So Is it suitable for both summer and winter? Yes! The six-layer gauze can be used all year round, which is also greatly recommended for gifts. 

It is a characteristic of gauze material that softens as much as you wash it. By superimposing gauze with different texture densities on six layers, it contains fluffy air, it exhibits heat retention when it is cold, and absorbs sweat quickly when it is hot. 

It is a sleeper using gauze material with excellent absorbability and divergence. 
Even with perspiration, it has stubborn soft and fluffy touch and make the baby comfortable. Snap buttons on both sides of the shoulders, so you can do detachment and diaper change as quickly as possible.

Let those colorful flower patterns lighten up your mood everyday.


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CA$ 74.99
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100% cotton 



· Wash with water under 40° 

· Please do not use fluorescent whitening agent. 

· Squeeze it weakly.

· Hang under shades and make it naturelly dry


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