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Dr. Betta Baby Bottle Brain Flower SF4 240ml

Dr. Betta Baby Bottle Brain Flower SF4 240ml
CA$ 39.99

Product code:dr-betta-baby-bottle-brain-flower-sf4-240ml

New series with motif of vividly blooming flowers. The material of the bottle is a plastic PPSU with transparent honey. It is strong against shocks and heat, so there is no doubt that it will be a strong ally for beginner Mama and Ikempapa! Because it is lightweight, it is perfect for going out. Even if the amount to drink increases, it is safe to have one 240 ml size!

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Capacity 240 ml
size 48/50/225 mm
Material Bottle: PPSU 
cap hood: polypropylene 
nipple: silicone
Weight Approximately 63 g
Nipple neck Brain nipple (cross cut)
Color Food: Flower Baby Pink 
Cap: Flower Pink
Country of origin made in Japan


There is a “Betta” way

All the advantages in a single curve.

"Make the ideal feeding posture possible" - this is what the curve on Dr. Betta baby bottle is for. It was developed focusing on the difference in incidence of sicknesses for breastfed babies versus bottle-fed babies. All the pediatricians involved in our product development estimate that "70% of sicknesses that children experience in their first few years of life is caused by a lying-flat feeding posture". Our "Dr. Betta baby bottles" are developed for all the bottle-fed babies, so we sincerely hope to be your baby's choice.


Upright feeding position is better.

 Prevent ear infections.

Facilitates swallowing.

Babies swallow much less air.





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